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Lockets: Turning your big moments into tiny keepsake

Lockets: Turning your big moments into tiny keepsake

While lockets may be a classic you can make it your own.  Lockets are not just for photos, be creative and try something meaningful. Capture a special moment by adding a lyric, ticket stub, map, or quote.  Just remember it will be very small.  

Now how do you get those big ideas into the tiny locket.  

There are websites and apps specifically for printing locket photos.   You can also add photos to a regular word document and print them onto photo paper. 

Start by creating a new document and changing the page size to 4x6.  Add your photos, while most lockets only hold two pictures go ahead and fill the page with options with a slight variations in size because it can be hard to judge how your image will look until you cut it out. 

Having your “ruler guides” on your page can help compare the images size to the size of your locket opening.  You can also add the “shape” of your locket on the image to get a better idea of what will be cut away from the image.  Once you have filled the page either print on photo paper or have it printed at your local “same day photo” printer (must drug stores or office supply stores have a photo printing service). 

Carefully cut out your image, you can start with a piece of scrape paper to get the right fit before you start cutting your finial image. If you press your scrape paper into the locket opening it will leaving an impression of the locket opening.    Trace the “fit paper” onto the image and cut it out.  

Place you image inside the locket. Most lockets have sort of a rim that holds the image into place but if it does not feel secure add a small piece of tape.  If you feel you want the added security of using glued, try a test glue dot on some of the left over photo to make sure it is not going to effect the ink by seeping through the paper.  

Job well done and now you have a unique and memorable gift to give!

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