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Pearl necklaces and earrings for June birthstone

June’s Birthstone

Variety of pearl jewelry

June’s Birthstone

What is the birthstone for June? The short answer is pearl, but there’s a bit more to it.  Many months have alternate birthstones.  June has 3 stone options: pearl, alexandrite and moonstone.  The availability and popularity of gemstones are always changing, and birthstones change right along with them.

Pearls are unique in that they are actually formed inside certain mollusks.  Most commonly appearing in white and cream, pearls can be a variety of colors and shapes.  Natural pearls are less common than cultured pearls, while cultured pearls offer a wider variety of colors and even shapes.  With a long history, pearls are well known and loved.  We just can’t get enough of their unique luster.  

Be sure to check out our selection of pearls.  From classic to contemporary we have pearls for every style.

Not a pearl person? No problem.  Moonstone is an amazing alternative.  This opalescent stone is sneaky in its truly individual look.  It is subtle enough to be an understated everyday piece of jewelry, but when you take a closer look this stone is very distinctive.  Moonstone is a not quite clear white stone and has a natural optical effect making colors shine within the stone.  This adularescence appears as a bluish light moving across the stone.  

Whatever your style, we have a June birthstone for you. Shop our collection of June birthstones here.

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