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Free shipping on orders over $35!

Sales Associate APPLY NOW

Raleigh, NC
Village District
Full time or Part time

 Please call store location to see if they are currently hiring; we leave our application active at all times even when not currently hiring. We will hold on to any submitted applications and will review them during our next hiring process.

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As an equal opportunity employer, Light Years does not discriminate in hiring or terms and conditions of employment because of an individual's race, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or national origin.

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Employment History

Please upload a resume below that lists employment, starting with you most recent position. Account for any time during this period in which you were unemployed by stating the nature of your activities. If you have no prior employment history, include personal references to be contacted.

Educational History

Achievements and Skills


I understand that any falsification will be immediate grounds for dismissal. I authorize a thorough investigation to be made in connection with this application concerning my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, employment, education background, and criminal record. I understand that this investigation may include personal interviews with third parties such as family members, business associates, financial records, friends, neighbors, and others with whom I am acquainted.

It is my understanding that as a prerequisite to consideration to employment, I must agree to submit to any post-employment examinations, physical or other, as the Company may lawfully require. The Company will pay the reasonable cost of any such examination that may be required. I understand and agree that any falsification or omission, either on this form or in my response to questions asked during any interview or other examination process, is grounds for immediate termination of my employment, no matter when the falsification or omission is discovered.

If I am hired, I agree that my employment and compensation can be terminated with or without cause or notice at any time, at the option of Light Years, or myself. I understand that no representative of Light Years, other than approved personnel, has the authority to enter into an agreement for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing. I further understand that I have the right to make a written request within a reasonable period of time for a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation.

Thank you. Your application has been received.