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Free shipping on orders over $35!

Medusa Medallion Necklace

SKU 100399
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Material: Sterling Silver

In mythology, Medusa is the epitome of a woman scorned, wrongly turned into a gorgon by Athena, and doomed to live a lonely life as a monster before being beheaded by the hero Perseus. But the irony is Medusa became quite the badass while a gorgon, and even after her death. Her spilled blood and her death stare created vast coral reefs and the Atlas Mountains, and she gave birth to Pegasus, a magical winged horse, after she was slain.  Medusa, who's name means protection, became legendary, living forever in the hearts and minds of all who have a soft spot for monsters and mythological creatures. This medallion pendant features an embossed face of Medusa, with her trademark snakes for hair and deathly glare that can turn men into stone.

Available in sterling silver or bronze medallion with 14kt gold vermeil chain.

Pendant is 1" long, and comes on an adjustable 16-18" cable chain.

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