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Holiday Gift Guide: Host Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: Host Gifts

Reward those who got up early to put the turkey in the oven. Grab them something to show your appreciate for their hard work.

Oven mitts and candles

These Blue Q oven mitts will put a smile on their face, no matter how difficult the turkey is being.  Traveling this thanksgiving?  Putting a pie in your luggage might be out of the question, but packing a few Soul Shine candles will be a nice touch.  Soul Shine candles are made locally in Chapel Hill and give you a chance to bring something from home.

When your host finally gets to put their feet up, make sure they have cozy toes with a thoughtful pair of socks.  Or maybe your host would love a bit of festive sparkle?  We have Fall jewelry to fit everyone’s style.  

Jewelry and socks

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